Major Collaborative Partners

NSLC (Nova Scotia Liquor Commission) We filmed the 2018 NSLC Whisky Festival.
Ladybug Paper Company. A card company in Nova Scotia Canada.
Willowbank U-Pick Farm. Join them on a day at the farm. Pick apples and pet the animals too!
A dynamic company focused on creating and improving camping and waterproof sports gear.
Marine Atlantic. The Ferry Company which operates between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.
Parks Canada. Filmed various National Parks within Newfoundland with them.

FE Active Portable Camping Table

Looking for the perfect table to take with you camping? The FE Active portable folding table is the perfect fit! It folds up small and is under 2 lbs - making it ideal to take with you anywhere you go!

Halifax Whisky Festival 2019

Do you think Nova Scotia when you think Whisky? No? Maybe you should!

In this video we show the NSLC Annual Whisky Festival. Check out some of the amazing vendors and drinks at this fun and informative festival!

Halifax Navaratri Indian Festival 2019

Navaratri is a Hindu festival that is celebrated yearly over the course of 9 days. It celebrates either Durga or Rama's (depending on which part of India you are from) victory over evil demons. Each year the IFCNS (Indian Festival Club of Nova Scotia) hosts an amazing celebration allowing all people of Indian decent the opportunity to participate.

Willowbank U-Pick farm, Nova Scotia, Canada

Willowbank U-Pick Farm is located in Port Williams, Nova Scotia, Canada just over an hour from Halifax.

They are open 7 days a week from 9am until 5:30pm.  

U-Pick: apples, plums, pears and pumpkins. The picking season is in September and October.

Animals: pigs, cows, dogs, goats, donkeys and horses. They even have a petting zoo, so don't miss out on that! 

Be sure to visit them today at 110 Starr Point Loop in Port Williams in Nova Scotia. Visit their website at

The haunted hollows, nova scotia, canada

We love collaborations and promotional videos. Here we team up with The Haunted Hollows to show you the things your nightmares are made of. Think you aren't scared of the dark? You will be after this!


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