You always need to put a face to the name. My name is Josh Baltzer, I am Josh the Travel Guy, and this is my face.

Get to Know us

Founder and CEO

Josh Baltzer is the founder and CEO of Josh the Travel Guy - Guided Tours and Excursions. After traveling around the globe for 10 years, he decided to use this knowledge to create carefully crafted guided tours and excursions.

Together with his wife Akane, they have jointly traveled North America, The Caribbean, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Asia. 

Throughout his career, one question was constantly asked: "how do you plan your trips"? With this question in mind, he began reconstructing trips he's taken into single day tours and multi-day excursions. With the help of tour guides, he plans on teaching his clients how to choose great locations to visit, how to travel on a budget and how to spend your time in each location.

Sharing his travel experiences is one of his all time favorite activities. Join him and his team on a tour or excursion and experience the joy of travel. 

After careful consideration, Josh created a moto for his business - one that speaks to his believe that as a group, we can learn and grow together in our travel abilities. His moto is:

"Together, we can share the world"

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