You always need to put a face to the name. My name is Josh Baltzer, I am Josh the Travel Guy, and this is my face.

About Me & Social Media Links

So you want to get to know me!

Well, my name is Josh Baltzer. I was born and raised in small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

I spent my early years out in the woods camping, hiking and enjoying all the things the Maritimes had to offer.

Today, I travel the globe with my wife Akane. We aim to show off the very best of each location - from the most popular tourist destinations to the most unknown regions, and everywhere in between. I started Josh the Travel Guy and our associated social media sites as a way to share my trips with those who matter to me most, and it has blossomed into a way where I can help educate, entertain and relay my personal experience with you - an audience who deserves videos and information that will help make your trips better.

I invite you to join this community - a place where you can explore the world right from your living room. Join us on social media today, and together we can share the world.

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